Our Scope

We create tehnologies that helps our  clients to manage and sell servicies efficient and on time.

We create software apps, main focus on Logistics.

We are in favor of new technologies like micro apps that promise the simplicity and efficiency organizations are desperately seeking.

Web platform created to reduce costs for all stakeholders of the global supply chain.

Transport market dedicated to large and small companies, independent carriers and individuals.

We deliver software efficiently and on time.

We are able to quickly understand and adapt to new information, trends and developments. Simplifying work is an important initiative we are pursuing.

We improve logistics processes across the global supply chain.

Our products connect the logistics partner networks, from the manufacturer to consumer.


Excel, Rest API, AS2 Server.


Create content and extend the design of your own data model.


Integrated solutions that enables efficient delivery of goods.

Business Inteligence

Customized reports for data analysis.

Customized Supply Chains

We are developing integrated solutions for: Manufacturers, Carriers and Freight Forwarders. We optimize processes for the Freight Transport sector.

Integrated Business Partners

Improve supply chain visibility and collaborate better. Transform your supply chain into a supply network.

Let’s Work Together

Contact us if there is any way we can help you!


Peneș Curcanul 20-24, sector 3, București, România



Based in Bucharest, Romania. Available to shoot in Europe and Worldwide.

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